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39:3-13.3 Written application for special permit.

3. No special permit shall be issued unless the person applying therefor shall present a written application for the same, bearing a certification by the principal of the school indicating that the person is enrolled in an approved behind-the-wheel driving education course in the school of which he is principal or by the person operating a duly licensed drivers' school indicating that the person has contracted to take a course of behind-the-wheel automobile driving instruction offered by the school and shall pay a sum of up to $10 as determined by the director to an agent of the Division of Motor Vehicles, which sum shall be turned over by the agent to the director, and by him remitted with the other funds collected in his division to the State Treasurer, in accordance with law. A special learner's permit to operate a passenger automobile shall not be issued to any person younger than 18 years of age without the signature of a parent or guardian. The signature shall be submitted to the division on a form prescribed by the director. The director shall postpone for six months the driving privileges of any person who submits a fraudulent signature for a parent or guardian.
L.1950,c.127,s.3; amended 1977, c.25, s.7; 1998, c.108, s.6.

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